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APART High End, very dynamic 4 channel low impedance power amplifier, convection cooled. 4 x 125Watts @ 4Ohm, black 1U 19" rack mounted.
4 x 125W 4ohm

Set voorstel:
2 x MASK8 (75W 8ohm)
1 x SUB2201 (bridge 4ohm, kanaal 3 en 4)

The CHAMP-4 versatile power amplifier is a part of the revolutionary CHAMP-series of convection cooled power amplifiers what makes this unit maintenance free. The CHAMP-4 has no fan inside which implicates the amplifier works very silent and it stays dust-free at all times.

The CHAMP-4 amplifier has 4 individual amplifier channels but can be bridged into 2 stereo channels or even a 2.1 sound system. Use two channels as subwoofer channels and drive your top loudspeakers with the two remaining channels and experience the pure musical power of CHAMP-4. It is just one of the ways in which you can use this quad amplifier.

The built-in APC Protection Technology allows you to preset the power potential of the amplifier. It constantly analyses incoming music signals and keeps the dynamics alive. An additional ultra fast peak limiter avoids that the amplifier starts to clip or get distorted.

Bestelnummer: CHAMP-4

What is APC ?
APC is one of the most intelligent amplifier protection circuits ever designed, simply
because it does the job without interfering with the typical dynamic character of
music. APC allows you to fully exploit the potential of the amplifier, maintaining high
power reserves and thus producing high, clean power.
It is a common misunderstanding that high power amplifiers will overload or destroy
lower power speakers, the opposite is true. You can easily destroy a 500 Watt rated
speaker with a simple 50 watt power amplifier ! Why ? In order to produce a low tone, such as a kick drum or bass guitar, you need about 80 % or more of an amplifier’s power. Because distortion is less audible in low frequencies, you would want to increase the level more than the amplifier can supply. This causes low frequency distortion which causes high frequency harmonics. These harmonics contain more high frequency energy than the high frequency speaker can deal with. Result: harsh distortion and sudden heat rise in the high frequency speaker’s voice coil. After a short while, the high power speaker may burn out.
Conclusion: don’t punish your speakers with weak amplifiers. Set the APC control
to a power level equal to your speaker’s RMS input power and avoid hitting the clip limiter.

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