Fonestar MAX-360Z
Fonestar MAX-360Z
Fonestar MAX-360Z
Fonestar MAX-360Z
Fonestar MAX-360Z
Fonestar MAX-360Z
Fonestar MAX-360Z
Fonestar MAX-360Z
Fonestar MAX-360Z
Fonestar MAX-360Z
Fonestar MAX-360Z
Fonestar brown

Fonestar MAX-360Z

Bestelnummer: 10972 Niet op voorraad.

FEATURES: Class D PA amplifier and SMPS switch-mode power supply.
USB/FM player.
Microphone inputs with mix, gain and priority level control.
Ring tone generator (Chime).
3 auxiliary inputs.
Emergency and mute input for connection to alarm and evacuation systems.
24 V attenuator priority.
Tone controls.
100 V, 70 V and 4 Ω outputs.
5 output zones with volume control and Off.
RESPONSE: 45-22,000 Hz (-10 dB)
DISTORTION: THD+N: <0.5% at 1 kHz
PROTECTIONS: Soft start, over-current, overload, over-heat and short circuit
INPUTS: CH 1 balanced mic/line with 48V Phantom, Combo (XLR + 6.3 mm) and euroblock. Contact closure ring tones
CH 2, 3, 4, and 5 balanced mic/line with 48V Phantom. Euroblock connector. Contact closure ring tones
Microphone signal level: 5.6 mV RMS (-45 dBV) / 600 Ω
Line signal level: 250 mV RMS (-12 dBV) / 100k Ω
3 AUX. 2 x RCA connector. 316 mV RMS (-10 dBV) / 47,000 Ω signal level
1 x emergency. Euroblock connector. Signal level: 326 mV RMS (-10 dBV) line o 100 V line
Mute (Emergency Priority) by contact closure. Euroblock connector
1 x Amp-in. RCA connector. 1.2 V RMS (+ 1.5 dBV) signal level
OUTPUTS: 1 REC. 2 x RCA connector. 316 mV RMS (-10 dBV) signal level. Pre-master.
1 x Pre-out. RCA connector. 1.2 V RMS (+1.5 dBV) signal level
100 V, 70 V or 4 Ω loudspeaker output, or 5 zones of 100 V loudspeakers with 7-position volume selector and OFF (max. 240 W per zone). Euroblock connector
1 x Attenuator priority, 24 V 100 mA and contact closure. Euroblock connector
IMPEDANCE: 4 Ω and 100 V (27 Ω) and 70 V (13 Ω) line, euroblock
FUNCTIONS: Input priority (voice over VOX inputs):
100 V Emergency input with highest priority, attenuates all other inputs
Mute by contact closure, attenuates all inputs except the 100 V Emergency input
Channel 1 with priority over all other inputs, level selectable
Channel 2, 3, 4 and 5 with priority over auxiliary inputs and player, level selectable
Ring tones (chime): on microphone inputs, by contact closure.
Other functions:
Power ring light, AUX input, zone and player indicators. Ignition, signal, clip, priority activation and protection
Induction cooling, fanless. Silent and maintenance-free
PLAYER: USB/FM player for background music playback
Autoplay, starts playback automatically when switched on
Memory of last selected mode
Play mode memory (random, repeat)
CONTROLS: Microphone volume
Master volume
Aux or player input selector
Zones with power on and 7 volume positions
Tone: bass and treble (+/- 10 dB 100 Hz and 10k Hz)
Mic/line/phantom selector, ring tones and priority
Ring tone level (chime)
Priority activation signal level (VOX)
TEMPERATURE: Operation: -10º ~ 40ºC
Storage: -20º ~ 60ºC
POWER SUPPLY: 230/115 V AC 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 490 W
AC fuse 230 V 6 A / 115 V 12 A
DIMENSIONS: 430 x 89 x 320 mm depth. 2 U 19” rack
WEIGHT: 9.8 kg
Power cable
Rack mounts

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